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As the climate crisis intensifies and extreme weather events become more common, our buildings, cities and critical infrastructure, and the communities that use and occupy these, are in increasing danger. It’s vital to address how our buildings and infrastructure can be adapted to remain fit for the future.
Our Vision is to :

  • Provide Informed or principles-based design protocols as opposed to the traditional “assumption based” design approach
  • Ensure that our Clients property portfolios remain fit for purpose and avoid the “stranded” label in any future revaluations
  • Future proofing homes in preparation for low temp heating and emitter systems
  • To drive construction efficiency and deliver a better living environment by building to an integrated design and construction philosophy.
  • To enable our clients future proof their property portfolio against increases in energy costs and changes in future building codes or regulations.
  • To guarantee the required levels of thermal insulation and air tightness which ensure design values are achieved in the living environment.