The skirting board that heats the room. The Thermaskirt patented design gives both unparalled performance and amazing aesthetics. Thermaskirt features unique elliptical flow and return pipes to not only achieve a super slim 20mm profile, but also to maximise heat output. Providing a profile that replicates a typical skirting board not only creates incredible aesthetics but the increased turbulence created by the elliptical tubes ensures more heat from the water is transferred to the radiant surface. This coupled with a high quality polymer alloy ensures a high heat output per metre and an even spread of heat across the length and breadth of the system.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Replaces heating and skirting in one cost-effective package.
  • Increases the useable wall and floor space of a home by removing the radiators.
  • Can improve the efficiency of conventional boilers and allows the use of Heat Pumps.
  • Available in ‘wet’ central heating or direct electric versions.
  • Simple retro fit to existing radiator or electric heating circuits compared to UFH.
  • Warm water passes through patented oval tubes and connectors in the extruded aluminium profile.
  • The Oval tube makes the profile extremely slim and promotes turbulence – boosting heat transfer to the front surface.
  • The aluminium skirting becomes a radiant panel heater, emitting heat into the room.
  • Radiant heat, emitted at low level and from around the room improves heat distribution, reduces drafts and increases comfort levels.
  • The greater surface area and improved distribution allows lower operating temperatures, or even the use of renewables such as heat pumps.
  • ‘Above Ground’ installation makes for a simple install – new build or retrofit- whatever the floor construction or finish

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