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Single point of contact

Our Clients will only have one point of contact during the design, detailing and installation stages of their projects. GreyFrame utilises a central hub for specification, design, coordination of manufacture and management of installation. Our designers use a standard set of details to combine all of our MMC components for a project. Once the Client has approved the final drawings a GreyFrame CSM will coordinate with our partner manufacturing facilities to make it happen and ensure all components arrive on site in sequence, and on time;

The key areas of service

  • Project management of design, manufacture and logistics
  • Design led process that aims to eliminate drawing and communication errors, reduce thermal bridging, air leaks and noise intrusions
  • Optimise selection of proprietary components that are best fit for your project
  • Integrated BIM management
  • Guarantee a secure and high-capacity supply chain
  • A register of approved and trained component installers
  • On Site pour supervision and QA
  • Reduced project risk through proven & supported QA systems