Excalibur Slip Brick Panels

Excalibur is a Factory produced lightweight slip brick cladding system with enhanced interlocking, insulation, acoustic and fire properties.

The key system components are as follows :

  • A Marmox XPS board
  • A polymer modified concrete with an innovative nano technology
  • An engineered “zipper joint” for seamless brick coursing (Fig1)
  • A high strength bedding mortar. This high-flow, non shrink, cementitious grout, has a trowelling consistency that can be used for bedding and mortar joints. After many years of testing, the selected grout has a very high compressive strength, and a bond strength by pull off, certified at 2.6MPa.
  • An engineered 10*5mm grove to provide for precise slip brick placement together with increased mortar bed at washer joints
  • A modularised panel system designed for connectivity and dealing with corners, reveals etc

Key Deliverables of the Excalibur system:

  • Brick slips will not delaminate.
  • Mortar joint will not crack/delaminate
  • Low Expansion & Contraction co-efficient for all components
  • Mechanical performance for installation and wind loading
  • Long term durability of fixings
  • Fire properties of the backing board, fixings & slip brick mortar bed
  • Mechanical performance for transport, installation
  • Ease of installation
  • Lightweight (< 20kgs/panel)