Fireboard offers A1 fire protection, sound absorption and thermal insulation all in one lightweight board!

A game-changer in construction defence.

Fireboard is a powerhouse solution, designed to tackle fire hazards, intrusive noise, and the biting cold, all in one lightweight, easy-to-handle board. Its adaptable enough to effortlessly fit into both interior and exterior spaces, enhancing walls and ceilings.

So, what sets it apart? A1 fire protection, sound absorption and thermal insulation all in a thin, lightweight yet rigid board, which is weather resistant and will not degrade – however wet it gets! To top it off, no pre treatment is needed – you can render or plaster directly onto it. Sound too good to be true?


Use as a Render Board

Marmox Fireboard can be fitted to masonry, timber or steel frame constructions. Available in 20mm, 50mm and 100mm, Fireboards are rigid enough to be fitted directly to timber batons, yet they are easy enough to cut with a hand saw and lightweight enough to be installed single handed. Once installed the joints are taped with Marmox mesh tape.


Use on Ceilings

Line ceilings with Fireboard to help prevent the spread of fire from floor to floor in multi-storey buildings. As thin as 20mm, Fireboards can be easily installed and then finished off with a coat of plaster, ready to paint. With impressive acoustic properties, they help prevent airborne sound from noisy neighbours.


What are Fireboards made from?

Made using a blend of Marmox mineral stone wool, which is then coated on the sides with a fibreglass mesh embedded in our unique Marmox honeycomb cement based surface. This has been tried and tested for many years on our popular Marmox Multiboards. This offers an ideal surface for applying a finish coat of render or plaster.

• Use to fireproof any metal, masonry or wooden structures

• Fireproof alternative to plaster board on walls and ceilings

• 20mm Fireboards are ideal for reveals

• Suitable for fire surrounds

• Provides acoustic and thermal insulation

• Weather resistant and will not degrade

• Reduce thermal bridging on up-stands


Fireboard is manufactured using Stone Wool, offering fire protection, sound absorption and thermal insulation. The Fireboard is coated with a fibreglass mesh, which is then embedded in a polymer mortar.

Fireboard has the following key characteristics:

  • Thermal Conductivity                     0.037W/mk
  • Resistance to Fire Testing             Class A1 certification
  • Compressive Strength                   90kN/m2
  • R Values                                                  100mm = 2.3m2 K/W