Graphic Concrete

Inspirational built environments

Graphic Concrete is an innovative product, enabling durable patterns and images to be produced on prefabricated concrete surfaces such as facades, walls and pavement slabs. Graphic concrete is a patented technology invented for internal and external use. Inspired to create a real industrial product for large-scale surfaces, a tool with which architects could be more visually creative.

An established, tried and trusted process since the 1990’s, used international to great acclaim, from residential and commercial buildings to schools and galleries. The process has been refined to be reliable and efficient for architects to design and specify, and pre-cast concrete manufacturers to fabricate.

The goal of Graphic Concrete is to give creative freedom, with texturing possible from small patterned indents, repeat logos to full mosaic style pictures. There are many example projects that demonstrate the impact of this process on a building is clearly visible.

We believe in building a better environment through the use of graphic concrete.

The system

The system is a membrane material printed with a printed concrete retarder, the sheets are laid into the casting mould, Concrete is cast on the membrane and when the retarder is washed away the design is revealed. The image results from the contrast between the fair face and the exposed aggregate surface. GreyFrame offer the membrane sheets as a standalone service; designed, printed and cut to size; then working with you and your precast manufacturer to achieve clear and impactful graphic concrete.

Alternatively, you can order graphic precast elements through GreyFrame and one of our partner manufacturers. In both options the designs to be cast can be of your creation, that are rasterising and processed to achieve best results or you choose from an existing library of textures and patterns.

Changing the aggregate and/or cement colour offers a vast amount of variations in the outcome.

Being a standardised part of the prefabrication industry, graphic concrete is easy to use. The cost effectiveness is obvious: the surface is ready as such and needs no more cladding.

Production Process

We co-operate within the entire chain of construction: we provide design support to architects and designers and technological support to the concrete element industry.

    1. An architect or designer designs their own pattern and sends to us for conversion to make printable, we work with you to get the best result of your design and advise on any changes required to make casting a success.

Alternatively, designs can be selected from a collection and adapted to your project and precast panel dimensions.

    1. The design is printed onto a membrane and then sent to the precast concrete manufacturer.

Generic sample membranes can be sent to the manufacturer for testing before casting the building panels.

    1. The membrane is placed on the bottom of a clean, flat mould
    2. Concrete is poured into the mould on top of the membrane

The specification of the aggregate and cement type mix and colour are part of the design process; as the retardant affects the fair face of the casting, exposing the aggregate below.

    1. The membrane is removed from the surface of the cast element the next day.


  1. The cast surface is power washed to remove the retarded concrete and expose the graphic image. The cast element is ready for use once cured as specified.

Product Features

Images based on your design
Pre designed patterns available
Creative consulting
Prefabrication training
Membrane samples for testing