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Building with Greyframe

GreyFrame designs and supplies innovative systems and products for the residential construction sector.

Building regulations in Ireland and UK specifically state that “The building fabric should be continuous over the whole building envelope and constructed so that there are no reasonably avoidable thermal bridges in the insulation layers caused by gaps in the various elements”.

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive has set a goal of achieving a Zero-emission and a fully decarbonised building stock by 2050.

The GreyFrame design ethos is based on the “Fabric First” principle, while also factoring the complex interactions of health, moisture and building science, into our assessment protocols.

Our design ethos also considers the contextual conditions unique to each individual property and its occupants. In other words, generic designs of “one size fits all”, is not the GreyFrame way, as these have generally failed to deliver the claimed or suggested benefits.

We believe that in addition to the focus on energy conservation, a new way of thinking about moisture management in buildings is required. This enables a more accurate risk-based assessment, with tailored implementation of the specific measures required. This “whole building” approach addresses the moisture-based health risks of a particular building and its occupants, while optimising energy conservation. In addition, long-term durability and maintenance requirements are the other key elements of our holistic design process.

Our end goal is to deliver an enhanced living environment with thermal comfort and reduced energy consumption.