Textured Basecoat

A technologically superior textured wall coating.

A highly breathable, ultimate performance textured basecoat for creating a range of textured finishes on exterior walls, including masonry and render.


Key Features

Key features of our masonry cream include:

  • For use as a basecoat with ProPERLA Facade Coating
  • For use on both bare and previously painted exterior masonry and render
  • Based on the latest technology
  • Ideal for covering cracks and other imperfections
  • Repairs and restores surfaces ready for painting
  • Restores the integrity of surfaces, offering a protective shield
  • Highly breathable – SD value of 0.04
  • Easy and quick to apply, preventing the need for re-rendering
  • Scientifically engineered to strongly adhere to surfaces by active binding
  • Can create a range of textured finishes from light texture to rough texture
  • Can be used for small spot repairs or on larger areas in order to create a textured finish

Quick & Easy

ProPERLA Textured Basecoat removes the need for large-scale rendering work, providing a quick, easy and convenient alternative.

It can be applied as easily as paint, allowing either small isolated areas or full exterior walls to be transformed with a new, blemish-free appearance.

This also significantly reduces the time-scale involved in repairing surfaces compared to traditional rendering methods, minimising the hassle and inconvenience caused.

Repairs & Restores

Repair small isolated areas or transform full exterior walls with ProPERLA Textured Basecoat.

This provides complete versatility to repair and restore a range of masonry surfaces to create a seamless finish that is ready to paint.

ProPERLA Texture Basecoat is ideal for:

  • Covering cracks and other imperfections
  • Blending new and existing surfaces together

Proven Performance

ProPERLA Textured Basecoat contains our highly advanced nano-technology making it fully compatible as a basecoat with ProPERLA Facade Coating as a topcoat.

ProPERLA Textured Basecoat has also been scientifically engineered to actively bind to surfaces it is applied to, creating an extremely strong chemical bond for long-term durability in all weather conditions. This allows it to work with the existing surface, not against it for optimum performance.