ProTHERM Interior Thermal Matt

A highly advanced thermal insulating paint & anti condensation paint for interior walls & ceilings.

An interior thermal insulating paint that retains heat 113% longer than a standard emulsion, preventing condensation & discouraging mould.


Key Features

  • An effective insulating paint for use on interior walls & ceilings, particularly those that are prone to mould growth
  • Contains advanced Glass Microsphere Technology
  • Water-based
  • Scientifically proven to retain heat 113% longer than standard emulsion paints
  • Anti-condensation
  • Prevents mould & fungal growth
  • Can be wallpapered or painted over using any standard emulsion paint
  • Remains breathable, allowing water vapour to escape
  • Manufactured in the UK

How Does It Work?

ProTHERM forms a thermal barrier on cold interior walls & ceilings by using advanced Glass Microsphere Technology.

These glass microspheres become charged like a battery, enabling them to absorb any heat that passes through them. This allows this heat to act as a thermal barrier between cold walls and the warmer ambient temperature within a room, helping to reflect the heat back into the room rather than escaping through the external wall.

Thermal Insulating Paint

By helping to retain heat within the building, ProTHERM improves the energy efficiency of a property.

It achieves this by preventing heat from escaping the property, instead holding this heat within the wall thanks to the Glass Microsphere Technology.

By preventing external facing internal walls from being cold, the amount of heating it takes to maintain a warm internal temperature is reduced.

Reduces Condensation & Mould

By maintaining surface temperatures on interior walls & ceilings, thus insulating air against the colder wall surface, condensation on ProTHERM treated walls is significantly reduced, making it an extremely effective anti-condensation paint.

The reduction of condensation in turn also obstructs the growth of harmful spores such as black mould, which if left exposed to can lead to respiratory, skin & immune problems.

ProTHERM can be wallpapered or overcoated using any standard decorative emulsion paint. As it can be applied like any other interior emulsion, it also means minimal preparation or disruption when applying.

ProTHERM is ideal for:

  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Areas susceptible of mould growth
  • Cold walls and ceilings or areas where insulation is missing
  • Commercial & industrial environments
  • Prefabricated buildings

ProTHERM has been independently tested in a series of tests to verify it’s heat retaining & anti-condensation properties.

ProTHERM was found to retain heat 113% longer than standard emulsion paint.

ProTHERM will also assist with compliance of Section 82 (Statutory Nuisance), Chapter 43 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to prevent condensation and thus mould growth in rented accommodation.