Paving Impregnator

A clear treatment offering ultimate protection for patios, driveways & paving slabs.

A new, technologically advanced one-coat super-hydrophobic clear coating for use on all mineral surfaces, such as concrete slabs, paving stones, terraces and more. The paving impregnator comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.


Key Features

  • For use on all mineral surfaces, such as concrete slabs, paving stones, terraces and many more
  • Chemically bonds to mineral building materials including concrete and clay rather than simply ‘sealing’ the surface, which would lead to decay
  • Dries clear, does not alter the appearance of the block paving
  • Super hydrophobic – treated surfaces repel water & water absorption is reduced by up to 95%
  • Quick and easy to apply – only one-coat needed
  • Manufactured in Germany using the very latest, superior nano-technology
  • Water based
  • UV resistant
  • Unlike block paving sealers, the advanced technology is highly breathable
  • Minimizes stain adherence, preventing discolouration
  • Minimizes salt efflorescence
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens
  • Proven performance

Keep Paving Looking Brand New

ProPERLA Paving Impregnator isn’t just for old paving stones, patios, driveways and terraces. In one quick, easy to apply coat, you can provide invisible protection for newly laid surfaces too. By applying this super hydrophobic coating you will prevent the otherwise inevitable discolouration and staining of the paving stones and instead maintain that brand-new, clean look.

Product Guarantee

ProPERLA Paving Impregnator has been tested and certified and comes with a manufacturers guarantee of 10 years, ensuring your driveway or patio is protected long-term.

Restore & Protect Block Paving

ProPERLA Paving Impregnator provides a real alternative to the costly and wasteful decision to replace tired, stained paving stones.

Applying one coat of the patio protection treatment not only improves the appearance of the paving stones but protects it long-term.

The product reduces water absorption by up to 95%. By keeping the paving stones dry, this super hydrophobic coating;

  • Deters the unsightly growth of moss, mildew and algae
  • Prevents stains
  • Protects against the damaging effects of rain and frost damage
  • Improves the long term appearance

When waterproof treatments for concrete patios & driveways are referred to as a ‘block paving sealer’, this usually means that they seal the surface by creating a film on the block paving. This film creates a water repellent barrier that prevents water ingress, but also traps moisture underneath the paving.

ProPERLA Paving Impregnator forms part of the block paving, meaning the breathability is not affected by the treatment.

This is crucial for long-lasting protection, as any trapped moisture will lead to the treatment failing in a short period of time. The advanced nano-technology contained in our treatment is why it comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

ProPERLA Paving Impregnator is weather resistant in accordance VOB – meaning the products can withstand all climatic conditions.

The product is manufactured in accordance with DIN 4108 –European rating for water repellency.

Similarly, it has been tested and certified in accordance with EN1504-2:2005, confirming depth of penetration, water absorption, resistance to alkali, drying rate and thermal conductivity.